Swine Flu – Myth and Realities

As with any epidemic that affects millions of people all over the world there are bound to be myths and realities associated with the condition and this further creates a fear psychosis. Governments which are already stretched with all their resources have the additional responsibility of trying to control any sort of rumor that could create a panic situation. Death caused by reasons other than the H1N1 virus is also attributed to have been caused by the virus and this raises the calamity figures substantially. It leads to people putting additional pressure on the testing centers as more number of people want to get tested for symptoms other than those specified for the virus. There are also a number of treatments been touted as the ultimate cure for the flu. Eating a particular herb or yoga and other forms of alternative medicines have all been widely discussed as a possible cure to stop the spread of the virus. There is no scientific proof as to whether these alternative forms of treatments work or not.
Fear drives people to try any sort of treatment advocated to fight the flu. A number of pills and medicines claiming to prevent and control the spread of the virus have been advertised and sold over the internet. As far as the guidelines issued by the WHO (World Health Organization) there is only one medicine recognized, tested, tried and proved to be effective against fighting the flu and it is known as Tamiflu. Any other form of treatment is not recommended as there is no concrete research to prove that the alternate forms work. There is also a myth that eating a particular type of food will help you to either avoid the virus or aggravate its spread. Nothing can be further away from the truth.
It is recommended that you eat good quality of foods high in vitamins and antioxidants which will help you boast your immune system. Consumption of nuts, fruits and food rich in carbohydrates have been found to improve one’s health. A healthy body stands a better chance to fight the virus and this is the reason these food types are suggested but there is hardly any scientific evidence to support any food group preventing you from getting the swine flu. One of the biggest myths that has in a way affected an entire industry is that swine flu is caused by the consumption of ham or pork. Sausage industry which is hugely dependent on ham is badly affected.
Pork has earned a bad reputation but there is no scientific evidence to prove that consumption of ham causes swine flu. H1N1 virus is a respiratory disease and spreads from people to people contact and the poor swine has nothing to do with it but still continues to take the blame. The other myth is that one should lock oneself totally from social contact so as to prevent its spread. You can indulge in social activities with adequate precautions and there is no need to put your life on hold till the virus subsides which could take anywhere from six months to a year.
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