Automotive Classifieds and Auctions

Are you looking to buy your next wheels, something that works as a vehicle and serves its purpose well? Let’s not forget pocket friendly and has enough room to fit the entire family in for weekends away and the school run and again is pocket friendly! New vehicles demand a high price and as you probably know you lose a substantial amount of money just moving your wheels off of the forecourt. I think you can save a lot of money from auctions and classifieds, some vehicles cost half the amount a dealership would demand from you.If you are looking for an affordable option which can help you get an affordable automobile such as a van, truck or car checking the main dealership in your area is a recommend first port of call – double check that the vehicle is suitable for you and within your budgeted amount. Now, should you not find what you are looking for here or find it is outside of your budget at least you have had a look and have an idea of what you want or need. Take a look through your local paper for the vehicle you liked at the dealership or couldn’t find there. With any vehicle I would ask to have a test drive and full inspection, don’t be shy – bring along a friend for support!Car auctions present a great opportunity to get your hands on a set of wheels for a lower price than you might expect! Auctions are commonly advertised in advance by a few weeks to a few months of thee appointment. Just consider that you don’t have to buy just because your attending an auction though sometimes they do charge for a seat to view the auction, I guess this is because they could get over subscribed.When at a car auction bear in mind that auction houses won’t know anything about the vehicle your looking to purchase, they simply drive it though the auction room or demonstrate a working vehicle. Loads of people are likely to dump their clapped out vehicles here just to get rid of them quickly before they die – believe me I have seen it happen a few times.A far better solution is to look at online classifieds for your autos, trucks, motorbikes etc. There are specialist market places out there which can help you to find your next vehicle. Many you will have to travel to go to, but an increasing trend seems to be online classifieds and auction sites some of these are geographically limited and others are international and operate in many different countries, they have built a reputation for themselves and with this trust. Just be sure you know who you are dealing with, what your buying and its total cost.